Argentina: Thousands flood Buenos Aires on Saint Cajetan's Day demanding work

Thousands of protesters marched demanding more work and compliance with the Social Emergency Law, among other social issues, on Saint Cajetan's Day in Buenos Aires, Monday. San Cayetano is the patron saint of the unemployed and of workers, adding symbolism to the protest organised by Barrios de Pie, a social justice group. In addition to the march, hundreds of believers attended the San... Еще Cayetano church to pray and provide offerings to the saint. «We urge the government, where the security minister is, to not be tempted into repressing social protest, our society, the people whose everyday lives are being affected by the closure of small businesses and the destruction of employment,» said Daniel Menendez, Secretary General of Barrios de Pie. «We will fight and open channels of dialogue and not give in to cynicism.»

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