Argentina: Teachers strike for higher salaries in Buenos Aires

Teachers and education sector workers took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Monday to demand higher wages. Teachers' unions banded together to commence a 48-hour strike against the government's policies and the deterioration of the education sector. The strike extends across several provinces including Tierra del Fuego, Chaco, Santa Cruz, Corrientes and Buenos Aires and was called upon by the... Еще Confederation of Education Workers of the Republic of Argentina (CTERA) and Union of Education Workers (UTE). The strike came after CTERA rejected a deal by the government of Argentinian President Mauricio Macri to increase teachers’ salaries by 15 percent per year and demanded instead a 35 percent wage rise to match inflation rate in the South American country; strikers also demanded the national teachers’ union dissolved by Macri in 2017 be reinstated.

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