Argentina: Russian FM spokesperson slams US for pressuring media

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova slammed the US special services saying they «took things too far by putting pressure on mass media, including Russia Today, and private companies, particularly Twitter». She was speaking at first consultations of the heads of press services from the Russia and Argentine Foreign Ministers in Buenos Aires on Saturday. Zakharova commented on... Еще Twitter's accusations that Russian media outlets such as Russia Today and Sputnik meddled in the presidential elections, saying that there was «no evidence provided neither in the report itself, nor, for instance, by the Twitter private company neither then nor now». According to her, Twitter's decision was influenced by the US special services. «We have big doubts that this decision was taken by Twitter individually based on their own opinion of what is going on around the world and between two sides,» added the Russian diplomat. «It is a direct violation to everything Washington had been putting its name down for for many years.» Speaking about the attitude of the US to Latin American and Caribbean countries, she stated that they «already have stopped being a backyard for the USA a long time ago». She underlined that in many spheres such as science, economics and politics these countries had grown rapidly and «talking to them like a big brother talks to his immature relatives became inappropriate a long time ago.»


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