Argentina: Russia and Argentina conduct joint anti-drug operation *EXCLUSIVE*

Russian Ambassador to Argentina Victor Coronelli talked about a joint operation between the special forces of Argentina and Russia during an interview in Buenos Aires on Tuesday. “In 2016, we received information regarding the fact that some things that belong to third parties were found in the embassy school located 10 blocks away from the embassy. This aroused suspicion, so I gave the order... Еще to check all the premises of the school. Twelve suitcases containing narcotic substance were found in one of them”, explained Coronelli. “Several people were detained: two in Buenos Aires and three in Moscow,” Coronelli added. The Russian diplomat described the operation as “the first case in the history of bilateral relations of special services” for the two countries. Argentina’s Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich highlighted the importance of the joint operation despite logistical aspects. “It was indeed very important, because for such a work, in which there was a controlled delivery, in which there was a judge in Argentina and another one in Russia, and they didn’t know each other, in which police authorities had to speak through a translator, in which there had to be trust”, she explained. Bullrich praised the success of the operation, affirming that “this opens a door and a window of possibilities for this work with Russia.” “Russia, which is hosting a World Cup, has to be alert, because during these big events, there is more danger of drugs being introduced in the country”, she warned.

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