Argentina: Residents of 'world’s smallest' mobile home pray for missing sub

The Regalado family, who have been living and travelling in a car for the past three years, arrived in Mar del Plata on Friday and parked in front of the Argentinian naval base in order to pray for the missing submarine and its crew. Javier Regalado and his family have been parked in front of the submarine naval base for four days now and claim that they will «not move from this place until the... Еще submarine is found.» Javier travels alongside his wife Miria and their young daughter all over South America in a small car that also serves as their home. The car has its own water and energy supply as well as an oven and even a small fish tank. Javier and his family have been on the road for three years now and returned to Argentina with the sole purpose of praying for the San Juan crew. On Thursday, the Argentinian Navy announced the abandonment of the San Juan rescue operation, although the search for the missing sub continues. The submarine, with 44 crew members on board, lost contact with its base on November 15.

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