Argentina: Relatives urge navy not to abandon San Juan submarine rescue operation

SOT, Journalist (Spanish): «How was the reaction of the relatives?» SOT, Susana Rodriguez, Celsor Oscar Vallejos family member (Spanish): «What do you think?» SOT, Journalist (Spanish): «Lady, could you imagine this kind of news?» SOT, Susana Rodriguez, Celsor Oscar Vallejos family member (Spanish): «No, not really.» Relatives of the crew on board the missing submarine San Juan urged the... Еще Argentine navy not to abandon the rescue operation, speaking from the Naval Base of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Thursday. Their pleas come after the navy announced it had stopped the rescue mission, two weeks after the submarine went missing. One of the sailor's family members, Susana Rodriguez spoke to the journalists; «The only thing is that I ask everyone to keep insisting that they not suspend the rescue, for the love of God.» The mother of another crew member, Yolanda Mandiola, said that the navy officers had warned them to prepare for the worst scenario. «Now that the military secret is going to be opened, things will come out, we are waiting to know the truth, nothing more...and well, we are waiting for the boys,» added Mandiola. The submarine, with 44 crew members on board, lost contact with its base on November 15.

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