Argentina: Police officer scales power pylon and threatens to jump during protest over poor pay

A police officer scaled a power pylon and threatened to jump during a protest demanding better pay and working conditions for those in the force, in the Buenos Aires municipality of La Matanza on Wednesday. Footage shows the officer, Aldo Oscar Pagano, at the top of the power pylon and refusing to come down, while his colleagues begged him to do so. Then, a colleague climbed up the tower with a harness and convinced Pagano to come down with him. Later the protest continued with signs, flares, and some scuffles. «It came to this [situation] because of that, the weariness [that concluded in] the request for justice, for better wages... for everything. Everything. Because here everything comes into the same group [of demands]. Because people are fighting for something fair, something necessary. It's incredible that he's earning 35,000 pesos (397 euros), a policeman who is in the street exposing his life,» said Nestoy Valedez, a friend of Aldo Oscar Pagano. The Buenos Aires police have held a series of demonstrations in recent days to demand improvements in their working conditions and a pay increase. «Nobody is going to move from here, because we have to leave with a solution. That is definitely the opinion of all the staff here. A solution. And the solution is a basic salary, a 56% increase, and [that] no personnel be sanctioned or fired,» said José Bais, a retired police officer. According to local media reports, the government said that an announcement will be made about an increase in police salaries on Thursday or Friday as part of their Security Strengthening Program.

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