Argentina: Navy denies leaking final message from missing submarine

The time at the end of the search, that support given and conveniently accepted by Argetina Armada, by Argentina in General, there is no date ahun of completion of that support, of that help. SOT, Enrique Balbi, Navy spokesperson and Captain (Spanish): «The operating depth, given operational limitations, as said by the US Navy, is the North American mini-submarine, please forgive the repitition... Еще, 600 metres. As set out in the systems manual.» Argentinian Navy Spokesperson Captain Enrique Balbi has denied the Navy leaked the final message sent by the missing submarine, at press conference in Buenos Aires on Tuesday. The leaked document discloses that the commander of ARA San Juan was aware of a fire in one of the battery units after a water leak caused it to short circuit. The message was reportedly sent at 08:42 on November 15, the day the submarine went missing. The navy has in the past said that its last contact with the vessel was at approximately 07:30. The navy spokesperson endured some probing questions from journalists this afternoon, seeking to clarify what the Navy knew and when. Asked about the document, Balbi said, “We are unable to reveal the document which was leaked to the press yesterday.” He later added, “If we were to show a document of this type, with an important security classification level, we would be violating the [Argentina's] confidentiality laws.” An international rescue effort is underway, but no sign of the submarine has been found. The search has now entered its 13th day.

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