Argentina: Morales presents legal team to face accusations of Bolivia’s interim govt.

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales presented his legal team at a press conference in Buenos Aires on Thursday. Morales introduced Raul Zaffaroni and Gustavo Ferreyra, two lawyers who have become part of the team that is advising him on legal matters in the face of accusations made against him by the interim government of Bolivia. Morales stressed the importance of surrounding himself with... Еще good lawyers, since in his experience as a trade unionist they helped him «win all the trials» he had to face. Bolivian prosecutors accuse Morales of sedition and terrorism. Raul Zaffaroni, a lawyer who has become part of the former president's team, accused the interim Bolivian government of «harassing embassies, expelling diplomatic representatives, violating the elemental rule of law of people's immunity from foreign embassies.» He added that the Bolivian arrest warrant for Morales did not come from a judge and that «sedition is an objectively political crime, and for political crimes no one can be extradited.” Another of Morales' lawyers Gustavo Ferreyra said that «Bolivia is a state where there are no nationally regulated forces. Bolivia is a state of pure brute force.» Morales fled Bolivia in November under pressure from the armed forces following unrest over the contested results of the presidential election. After a few weeks in Mexico, he was granted asylum in Argentina.

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