Argentina: Morales joins 'Mothers of Plaza de Mayo' march in Buenos Aires

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales joined the annual march of the 'Mothers of Plaza de Mayo' Association in Buenos Aires on Thursday. The group unites mothers whose children went missing during Argentina's military dictatorship. «Today it is an emotional day for me. I am proud to be with the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. I repeat again [they are] great defenders of life, defenders of democracy... Еще, and I have a lot of confidence in a joint work, in the joint struggle with people, with institutions that always defended democracy,» said Morales. Bolivia has been ruled by an interim government since Morales fled the country after a disputed election under pressure from the army. Morales travelled to Mexico and Cuba before receiving an offer of political asylum from the new Argentinian government led by Alberto Fernandez.

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