Argentina: MAS Party to name presidential candidate on January 19 — Morales

Former Bolivian President Morales said his Movement for Socialism (MAS) party will nominate its candidate for the 2020 presidential election on January 19. Morales spoke at a meeting with party leaders in Buenos Aires on Sunday. «Our task is to reverse the coup with elections, and we are preparing that, and we are going to prepare for the 29th, or Monday, January 19. From here we will make known... Еще the candidate for president and vice president to Bolivia and that is why [I made] this call,» said Morales. The party currently has five contenders for the role with only Morales and Diego Pary, a former foreign minister present at the meeting in Buenos Aires. The former president did not elaborate on how the candidate for the poll in mid-March will be chosen. Morales fled Bolivia in November under pressure from the armed forces in the wake of unrest over a disputed presidential poll. After a few weeks in Mexico, he received an asylum in Argentina.
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