Argentina: Mapuche activists march in Buenos Aires to protect their ancestral lands

Argentina's indigenous Mapuche and their supporters marched through the streets of Buenos Aires to demand the extension of law 26.160 or the indigenous territorial law, Wednesday, that would see further protections to their ancestral lands. Passed in 2006 and extended twice, the law protects the inherent land and territorial rights of Argentina's indigenous peoples. Protesters played folk music... Еще and performed traditional dances while moving across the Argentinian capital. One of the protesters, Gilberto Huilipan, spoke out against corporate appropriation of their lands during the rally outside of the National Congress building, «They are supplying all our resources to the multinationals (...) then the multinationals exploit hydrocarbon resources.» Huilipan urged the community to apply more pressure on the government in the effort to extend the land law, «We are part of our territory and not owners, that is why we will continue staying there. The same way they can't take away a river, lake or mountain from its place, they cannot take away our territory.» Argentina's indigenous territorial law expires on November 23 putting over 1,500 communities in danger of losing their ancestral lands. The Senate reportedly rejected further extension of the law.

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