Argentina: Man crashes car into gate of Chinese embassy in Buenos Aires

Armed police and other law enforcement personnel were at the scene of an accident in Buenos Aires on Monday, after a man crashed his car into the gate of the Chinese embassy. According to reports, the man claimed to possess explosives and demanded to speak with the Chinese ambassador, prompting a response from the fire department and explosives division of federal police. «We were in the house and we heard an explosion, at approximately eight o'clock at night, and then we heard a second explosion. The second, we went down to see what was happening and the car was embedded in the gate of the Chinese embassy,» said Marina, who lives near the embassy. «[The police] said that he had a bomb in the car and besides, the neighbours who had announced it on social media had said that he was going to do this,» she added. Other than property damage to the embassy building, there were reportedly no injuries resulting from the crash.

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