Argentina: Long queues of pensioners in front of banks despite COVID-19 lockdown

Pensioners queued outside banks in Buenos Aires on Saturday to withdraw their monthly allowance despite the lockdown enforced to tackle the spread of coronavirus. Footage filmed in the early hours of Saturday in Merlo, and later on in Moreno, shows massive lines of elderly people, some of them wearing face masks and others sitting in chairs, while they waited outside banks before opening hours to... Еще be able to withdraw money. «I spent the whole night here because I need it. I have suffered from two brain injuries and I need the money not to eat, because I do not care about eating, because I survive on tea and bread. What I cannot survive without is the lack of medicines, « said a local Alberto Gauna. «People are lying on the floor, which is where the virus lives the most, you can not take distance because there are many people there and the people have too many needs,» added Ana Clara Ibarrola. Last Friday Banks opened in Argentina for the first time since the lockdown was implemented, causing thousands of pensioners and people receiving state aid money to flock in thousands exceeding banks capacities. Since Saturday, banks have agreed to work on the weekend and until the start of Easter, only dealing with the elderly that have specific dates assigned to them depending on the final numbers of their IDs number. Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez issued a decree prohibiting citizens from leaving their homes, except to go out and buy food or medicine on March 20, which was later extended until April 12.

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