Argentina: Inventor of football 'vanishing foam' suing FIFA for $100 million

The Inventor of football vanishing spray '9-15' Pablo Silva, said that FIFA has been using a product they «had not paid for it» during an interview in Mar de Plata on Friday. «The aerosol 9-15 is the only one approved by the International Board» says Silva referring to an invention himself and his partner Heine Allemagne have been working on since 2000. He says that FIFA has tried to break a... Еще deal with them and buy the use rights for $500,000 (€410,000), an amount they find inadequate over a highly demanded patented invention. «First, we patented the formula and the second time, we patented the scope of it, it means that we protected the use and scope of it,» he added. A court in Rio de Janeiro has ruled in favour of Silva and Allemagne recognising that FIFA is not entitled to use the spray. «Russia is included within that measure and therefore FIFA will not be able to use aerosol 9-15 or any type of aerosol during the World Cup unless the judicial process ends,» Silva explained. Silva and Allemagne demand $100 million (€82 million) from FIFA for compensation and damages.

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