Argentina: Hundreds march against judicial reform in Buenos Aires

Hundreds of protesters gathered in the streets of Buenos Aires, on Saturday, to demonstrate plans for a judicial reform and denounce government policies. Protesters were seen using saucepans to make noise, blocking roads with cars and waving Argentinian flags. According to the government, the judicial reform is meant to bolster the independence of the judicial branch, but critics say it would help former president and current Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner avoid consequences as she stands accused of corruption. Isabel Ramos, one of the protesters, said, «We are tired of corruption, we are tired of judges also being corrupt, accommodating to the government in office, and that justice is not really justice, we want real justice.» Protesters also seized on the opportunity to criticise the government's coronavirus response. «The situation in Argentina is terrible, worse than in other times, and it is going to get worse, and the government does not want to understand it and leaves us inside, locked up,» said Carmen Boti, another protester. «Just now, the city's economy has started to open up a bit, but the government of the Buenos Aires province is not doing what it has to do, it is not testing, it is not isolating.»

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