Argentina: Hundreds flood Buenos Aires to protest against Alberto Fernandez government

Hundreds of people arrived at the iconic Obelisk in Buenos Aires to protest once again against the government of President Alberto Fernandez on Saturday. Protesters, on foot and in vehicles, were seen arriving in the centre of the Argentine capital to express their discontent with the government, which they were criticising for the extension of the COVID-19 quarantine, sending of a bill to reform the justice system, and new restrictions on the purchase of US dollars among other topics. «We are demanding that the powers be independent, that the judges do their job. Argentina is a rich country, it has everything and we are getting poorer,» said Estefania Tiargo, a protester. Alberto Robles, another protester, said, «We are demanding the independence of the powers of the Republic, of the Republic itself, for the enforcement of justice in this country, so that once and for all the corrupt thieves of the government are judged.» According to local media reports, similar protests were held in cities such as La Plata, Cordoba, and San Miguel de Tucuman, among others.

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