Argentina: Health workers struggle against COVID-19 as confirmed cases rise

Argentinian health workers continue to battle against coronavirus despite exhaustion due to the increase of cases in the population and amongst health workers. Footage recorded at UPA [Prompt Attention Unit; Accident and Emergency] 11 — Florencio Varela and El Cruce Dr Nestor Kirchner hospitals show workers treating COVID-19 patients. «The exhaustion is being felt. The exhaustion... We come here Monday to Monday from 10 to 12 hours a day, and we go home and continue with the calls, with the referrals... The truth is that the exhaustion is felt a little. We put our heart into it,» explained Karina Bustamante Galarza, a doctor at Florencio Varela A&E Hospital. «Treating a colleague is hard. Maybe a patient comes in, you get to know him, you progress. But a colleague that you have known for years and you have to treat him, is quite difficult,» said Raul Alberto Jensen, coordinator of the El Cruce hospital. According to reports, more than 28,000 health care workers have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic, with about 5,500 currently infected and at least 98 have died with the virus. «Our colleagues are getting sick, it is more and more difficult to cover the areas, we are seeing more and more sick people and we are really exhausted,» said Griselda Cevallos, coordinator of the coronary unit Nestor Kirchner of El Cruce hospital. To date, Argentina has registered 478,792 cases of COVID-19 and linked 9,912 deaths according to data collected by the Johns Hopkins University.

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