Argentina: Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo find 127th missing child

Campaign group Grandmothers Association of Plaza de Mayo announced that they have found another child separated from their parents during Argentina’s «Dirty War», at a press conference in Buenos Aires on Thursday. President of the human rights group Estela de Carlotto said that the unnamed woman is the daughter of María del Carmen Moyano and Carlos Poblete, both of whom 'disappeared' during... Еще Argentina’s military dictatorship of 1976-83. The new-born baby was separated from her parents shortly after birth at the ESMA detention centre in 1977. She is the 127th child to be found by the Grandmothers, a human rights group who fight to reunite families with missing children who were stolen by the military junta. «I hope that our niece will have the smile and kindness of her mother and the tender and caring look of her brother. On any day, anytime and anywhere, we will get together to talk about our loving family», said the child's aunt, Elsa Poblete.

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