Argentina: Footie fans take up express Russian courses ahead of FIFA World Cup

An increasing number of football fans have been taking up express Russian courses in a bid to learn the language before the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. One such group was filmed in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, listening to a special course prepared by the State University of St. Petersburg. «The most difficult thing for learning Russian in my opinion, are the cases because the function... Еще varies. They vary as the word is written according to the function they fulfill in the sentence. It also influences the theme of the alphabet. Being different makes it a little more complicated to understand,» said one student, Andres Innocentis. «I am now studying the course to be able to understand better once I arrive there and can develop through daily situations, because I also understand that it is one thing to learn the theory and another to develop it day to day,» he added.

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