Argentina: Falklands War veterans deliver food to people in need amid COVID-19 pandemic

A group of Falklands War ex-combatants and members of the National Federation of War Veterans provided assistance and food aid in a neighbourhood of Buenos Aires on Tuesday, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Footage shows members of the group and some collaborators preparing food, following protection and hygiene rules to prevent the expansion of COVID-19, and then delivering rations to... Еще the vulnerable neighbours of the La Matanza neighbourhood. «We, who experienced hunger, who experienced cold, know how important a plate of food is for those people who are receiving it today. That's why we feel the obligation to come and be here,» said Alberto Sale, a former combatant. The closure of the economy and the confinement measures have hit large sectors of the Argentine population hard, with some people stuck in a daily struggle to feed themselves. «The situation here is quite critical because we have almost 30 percent of the population of this district who live on sporadic jobs, who live on informal work,» stated Ramon Robles, a veteran and secretary of the National Federation of War Veterans of the Argentine Republic. Robles added that «everything that is done at the level of solidarity helps to make sovereignty. Internal sovereignty. If people don't have enough to eat, they don't have sovereignty.» The group of ex-combatants prepares food for nearly 2,000 people, who rely on these veterans to help them get a hot meal every day. «I am grateful to the veterans. And if I don't come to get the food, we don't eat, because we can't go out to work,» explained Abel Jara, one of the neighbourhood's residents. As of Tuesday, Argentina had confirmed 4,887 cases of coronavirus and 260 deaths related to the disease, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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