Argentina: Debate gets heated at abortion protest before crucial vote

The Plaza del Congreso in the centre of Buenos Aires was filled by proponents and opponents of a controversial abortion bill on Wednesday. The Argentinean Congress is set to vote on a draft bill enabling women to terminate a pregnancy during the gestation period — the first 14 weeks. Abortion is currently illegal in the Argentina except in cases such as rape or life-threatening risks to the... Еще mother's health. Thousands of women joined the march to demand the legal right to abortion in Argentina. The rally was held by a feminist movement 'Ni una menos', which literally means 'Not one woman less' in Spanish. The Argentinean lawmakers are due to discuss and review a number of gender equality policies in addition to abortion during July. If the abortion bill is approved, it will still have to go to the Senate for the final vote. If the bill is passed, Argentina will set the unique precedent of being the first Latin American country to legalise abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

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