Argentina: Cristina Kirchner defends herself in construction project corruption case

Former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner gave evidence in the trial in Buenos Aires on Monday over allegations that public construction projects were given to firms that paid bribes to government officials. Fernandez de Kirchner who was president for eight years until 2015 and will become vice president on December 10, argued that the case is simply another example of the political... Еще persecution she suffered for many years whilst in power. It «speaks of a systematic plan to intimidate the judiciary by the executive specifically of President Mauricio Macri,» argued former Secretary and Director of Intelligence Oscar Parrilli. Juan Carlos Beraldi, Fernandez's lawyer, said the court refuses «to consider a fact that is objective and that justice has already investigated.» Fernandez is very popular with the working-class population, who credit her generous welfare spending during her two terms in office with lowering the poverty rate. She is immune from arrest due to being a national senator, but not immune from prosecution.

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