Argentina: Buenos Aires residents return to shops amid gradual reopening

Buenos Aires residents, armed with mouth masks, took to the streets on Tuesday as the capital entered a new stage of anti-coronavirus measures with shops like book stores, toy stores, flower shops, electrical appliances stores and open-air markets were allowed to reopen. «We need to work, we need to leave home, [it's] like being suffocated at home, like getting tired, you no longer know what to... Еще do and the truth is that money is lacking, there are bills and the truth is that we need to continue working,» said salesperson Laura Chavez. Many people were seen getting off crowded trains as well as queuing to enter shops while wearing mouth masks. «In my case I needed to get to work not only to be able to make money but also a personal matter, we get used to working, we are habitual beings and our habit is to do it every day, so welcome. We can finally open the blinds,» said home decoration store owner Sebastian Rodriguez. As some shops were allowed to reopen also restaurants and bars will be able to partly return in business from Wednesday provided they offer tale away menus. According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, Argentina has recorded 6,278 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the outbreak began, and 317 deaths related to the virus thus far.

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