Argentina: Army delivers food to barrios near Buenos Aires amid COVID-19 lockdown

A brigade of the Argentine Army carried out an operation to deliver food rations and cleaning supplies to a poor neighbourhood in the town of Quilmes, south of Buenos Aires, on Tuesday, amid the country's lock due to the coronavirus outbreak. Footage shows military personnel preparing large containers of hot food and carrying out the delivery operation, while dozens of men, women and children... Еще line up to get their rations. «This is an emergency module with 32 people ready and deployed at this location. Each of the field kitchens stores 250 rations that can be extended to 300. According to the reloading we do, with three locations, we are talking about 3,000 — 3,500 rations per day,» said Colonel Pablo Depalo. Karina Rodriguez, one of the people who went to the site to get food explained that «if I don't come to get the food, my four children and I don't eat. I have no other way to feed myself or to feed them. I can drink tea, even without sugar. But not my children, they are small.” «I am unemployed, I cut grass, I do part time jobs. So, well, now people don't want me to cut their grass. Besides, you can't go out, you get stopped by the police, and all that. I've got four kids, and, well, zero income. So this is an important help we're getting,» said Walter Bordon, a local resident. So far, Argentine authorities have confirmed 387 cases of coronavirus and six deaths. The country has been under mandatory quarantine since Friday.

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