Argentina: 'Angel of Death,' 'Tiger' among ESMA officials convicted for crimes against humanity

Two former navy officers of the Higher School of Mechanics of the Navy (ESMA) have been sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity committed under military rule, between 1976 and 1983, in Buenos Aires, Wednesday. Captains Alfredo Astiz, known as 'Angel of Death', and Jorge Eduardo Acosta, known as 'The Tiger,' were among the 54 defendants who stood trial. Charges included forced... Еще disappearance of minors, kidnapping, torture and homicide. 29 people were jailed for life, 19 were sentenced to serve in prison between 8 and 25 years. Six others were acquitted. Hundreds of people, including several founding members of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo organisation, followed the trial outside the courtroom on a big screen. They were seen embracing and celebrating after the sentence was uttered. Some 30,000 people were reportedly killed when General Jorge Rafael Videla seized power in 1976. During his rule, many citizens and left-wing activists were illegally detained and killed. 5,000 prisoners were brought to Esma, Argentina's biggest secret torture centre, and most of them died inside its premises in unclear circumstances.

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