Argentina: 24 hour Resistance March underway in Buenos Aires

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, alongside several other political and social organisations, called a march in Buenos Aires on Thursday to protest against an apparent lack of work and governmental culpability, among other stances. The March of Resistance protested under the banner 'the lack of work is a crime and someone must pay' and aims to continue for 24 consecutive hours. «What is... Еще happening is very serious, democracy is being destroyed, we have political prisoners, prisoners without trial, who are dead or killed by the security forces,» expressed Natalia Condilio, a protester. The groups are taking aim at Argentine President Mauricio Macri's administration after he took office in 2015, having not protested between 1981 and 2006 under Nestor Kirchner's government as 'the enemy was no longer in the Casa Rosada.'

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