Arctic: First ever all-woman Euro-Arabian ski expedition reaches North Pole *EXCLUSIVE*

A group of mostly novice skiers, seven women from Europe and four from the Middle East, arrived to the North Pole after a seven-day cross-country ski journey, as shown in footage filmed on Sunday. Covering total distance of 82 kilometres (51 miles) ladies from Cyprus, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar became the first representatives of their states to set foot on the top of the world. As noted by... Еще Lamees Nijem from Kuwait, “This is the goal, or I’d better say the message to all the women, not only Kuwaiti, but to all the Arabs. Everything is possible, if we are ready to put enough effort in, if we are really willing to reach the goal.” Renowned British polar explorer Felicity Aston launched the polar adventure to raise close dialogue and understanding between women from Western and Arabic cultures, also hoping to inspire all women — no matter their background — to reach beyond the expectation and challenge the status quo. “We are going to share our story and hopefully inspire lots more girls and boys, men and women to go on and reach beyond the expectations of others,” noted Aston. After staying overnight at the geographic North Pole the team was greeted by Eugene Kaspersky, the inspirer and sponsor of the expedition. «The goal is achieved, the Pole was reached, and twice by the way, because the girls came to the geographic North Pole, set a camp there, and during the night the ice flow moved them away, so when we came to pick them up, it wasn't at the North Pole but five kilometres away from it,» he said. So the whole crew traveled to the top of the world again to celebrate. The demanding tour, with polar extreme temperatures, shifting pack ice, blistering winds, and the ever-present threat of polar bears was, however, too challenging for one of the skiers who had to be evacuated with frostbite just two days after the kick-off.

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