Apocalypse... now? — South Dakota military bunker now survival shelter for mankind

VIVOS in Edgemont, South Dakota is an underground survival shelter designed to provide a place to live in case of a global catastrophe which would threaten humans with extinction. A former military space with hundreds of bunkers, VIVOS is a project which equips buyers with a luxurious interior deep in the ground, ready for those who want to purchase and guarantee a shelter for the day of the... Еще reckoning. The massive space is three quarters the size of Manhattan and once fully operative it will be able to host between 6,000 and 10,000 residents. Robert K. Vicino, founder and CEO of VIVOS, said that the buyers «are people that are aware, they are not paranoid, they are highly intelligent, well educated, they read a lot.» “Some are concerned about North Korea, others are concerned about an economic collapse, others are concerned about World War III,” he surmised. Coming in at a mere $25,000 (20,300 euros) per bunker, Vicino said you'd be 'crazy' not to buy one.

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