Animal skull comes to life as artist engraves a holy Celtic dragon upon it

Russian-born artist Anora Ashurova showed her outstanding engraving skills by carving the drawing of a Celtic dragon on a deer skull, Saturday, at her art studio in Llanes, a small coastal village in the province of Asturias. Once Anora finds the right skull, she washes it and disinfects it; then she proceeds with drawing the outlines of the desired subject and engraves it into the bones. The... Еще artist explained that the skull showed on the footage is the one of a local deer, and said that she chose to represent a symbol of the Celtic cultural tradition as «the Celts also lived in this area, and we still have some influences of their culture.» The final result of the engraving process is a dragon «biting its tail, which goes up until the [deer's] horns. In his ears the dragon has also some feathers.»

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