Andy Warhol eat your heart out! Cossack pop art hits the scene

Don Cossack and artist Maksim Il'inov may dethrone Andy Warhol as «The King of Pop Art» as his unique twist on the movement rapidly gains popularity both in Russia and abroad, as shown in footage shot in Rostov-on-Don on Wednesday. Il'inov often combines Western pop culture references with traditional Cossack motifs to create unusual pieces, but according to Il'inov his work is not just... Еще superficial eye candy. «I want to share the precious diamonds and golden ingots in the soul of our people. The eternal values we have. I want to open up our people to as many TV viewers, inhabitants of this planet; and Cossack pop art is like a universal soldier, a universal weapon of love and kindness,» Il'inov said. Il'inov's work will also feature heavily in the city as part of the World Cup festivities. «Some of my pop art dedicated to the Don Region, the bright, colourful pieces with our children, fish and birds, has been selected for the World Cup,» he said, adding «because the regional element [of the World Cup] is very important.»

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