Algeria: Tebboune pledges to amend constitution and fight corruption as inaugurated president

Newly inaugurated President of Algeria Abedelmadjid Tebboune promised to implement political, economic and social reforms during his inauguration ceremony in Algiers on Wednesday. The country's higher civil and military authorities attended the ceremony in which Tebboune assured he would meet people's demands saying «I extend my hand to the social movement in order to fulfill their demands in the... Еще context of national harmony and the republic's laws.» After months of unprecedented demonstrations in the streets against the authorities, which led to the resignation of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Tebboune called for national reconciliation. The new president declared that a new constitution will be the «foundation stone of a new republic» where renewal of presidential terms will be for one-time, presidential power will be reduced, separation of powers will be implemented, personal and collective rights will be protected and freedom of the press will be respected. Tebboune, who won with 58.13 per cent of the vote, pledged to restore the prestige of the state through the systematic countering of corruption and the introduction of reforms in different sectors. Economically, he promised a taxation system reform, diversification of the economy, the promotion of investment, providing incentives to develop national production and to support small and medium businesses. Reform promises encompassed other sectors such as health and the educational system with the ultimate goal being top to enhance the dignity and feeling of belonging of the Algerian people, he said.

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