Algeria: Protests continue in Algiers after high profile corruption arrests

Hundreds of thousands of Algerians gathered in the streets of Algiers on Friday for the 17th week of anti-government protests. This week's protest comes after the arrest of former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia for corruption on Wednesday, amid protesters demanding the resignation of all old-guard politicians. Footage shows protesters marching through the Algerian capital chanting slogans. «Even... Еще if [Ahmed Ouyahia] doesn't go to jail, 40 million Algerians will judge him in the court of public opinion,» said Madjid, one of the protesters. Rabaj, another protester, said, «All these arrests are political theatre, because if there is real justice, it must be independent.» The protests, dubbed the Smile Revolution, began in February after 82-year-old then-President Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced he would be running for a fifth term in office. While he dropped his bid and ultimately resigned in April, the protests continued, demanding a complete renewal of the ruling class.

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