Algeria: First ever presidential election debate takes place

The candidates for the presidential elections in Algeria, which are due to take place on December 12, participated in what is the first-ever presidential debate in the country's history, which took place in Algiers on Thursday. Among a large number of topics that were touched upon, the candidates focused on promoting their platform and campaign promises which included issues from the economy... Еще, human rights and foreign policies. Ali Benflis, Presidential candidate from the National Liberation Front (PAGL), said that his program includes the formation of an independent human rights committee, which will ensure the the freedom and the rights of the Algerian people. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, another presidential candidate from the PAGL party, promised to rebuild the country's economy. Azzedine Mihoubi, Presidential candidate from the Democratic National Rally (RND) party, said, «There's a red line regarding foreign policies and defence, which we don't want others to cross. Regarding my plan, I would like to strengthen our economic diplomacy. I want it to be active. I want ambassadors and our delegations to deployed to find markets for Algerian products and to bring investments to Algeria.» Algerians are set to head to the polling stations on December 12, following a wave of protests and political turmoil in the country which lasted several months. The protests, dubbed the 'Smile Revolution', began in February after 82-year-old then-President Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced he would be running for a fifth term in office. While he dropped his bid and ultimately resigned in April, the protests continued, demanding a complete political overhaul. Mandatory credit: ENTV Mandatory credit: ENTV

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