AI sex bot cracks jokes at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo *EXPLICIT*

Pioneering real-life sex dolls company 'Realdoll' showcased their AI augmented sex robots at Las Vegas' AVN Adult Entertainment Expo on Wednesday. Visitors were seen inspecting an assortment of different sex toys at the fair alongside the dolls, while the 'head' of one of the robots even managed to make a joke. «What do you call a robot that likes humans and other robots? Binary-curious,» she... Еще wisecracked. «Realdoll, we have been around for about 22 years. We focus on hyper-realistic sex dolls, but over the last couple of years we have broke into the smaller items, dildos, hyper-realistic dildos,» said Realdoll co-owner and production manager Michael D. Wilson. «Sex doll companies, I think we are one of the originals, if not the original sex doll company. But yeah, we have been around for a long time, we focus on high quality. That's what we are all about, everything is handmade, super costumed, tons of options,» he added. Wilson added that 'Realdoll' began around 22 years ago as the company launched prototypes of hyper-realistic mannequins for retailers and people started contacting them asking whether they could have sex with them. «We were like: 'no, but hey, pay us 10,000 dollars and we will make it that way.' And it just took off, we went on the Howard Stern show and that was almost 20 years ago. And it just took off from there and ever since then we ship like 400-600 dolls a year, all over the world,» said Wilson The life-size, hyper-realistic dolls are manufactured by California-based company Abyss Creations LLC. and are made of a poseable PVC frame held together by steel joints and covered by silicone faux-flesh.

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