After parents tried to kill her as a child, Russian strongwoman seeks to reconnect

Russian powerlifting champion Oksana Kosheleva has decided to look for her parents after 33 years, despite the fact that they allegedly tried to kill her when she was just two years old. «When I was two years old, my parents committed a crime, they killed a person right in front of me, even though I don't remember it,» she said. «After the murder, my parents went on the run, as far as I... Еще remember, while crossing the River Lena, my mother tried to throw me into the water,» she added, without specifying how she survived the incident. Oksana went on to say that she wants them to know that she does not feel «any hatred towards them,» adding «I have a simple feminine urge — to not continue my life alone.» Oksana was brought up in an orphanage in Irkutsk and was a difficult child. Foster parents once took her to their family, however, due to the fact that she was a difficult child, returned her back to the orphanage. After this bitter event in her life Oksana decided to get engaged in sports professionally, and to become strong and independent. As a master of sports in powerlifting, Oksana Kosheleva pulled a 17-tonne trolley in 2015 and made it into the record books of the Irkutsk Region for moving a 10-tonne Kamaz truck for 20 metres in 2014.

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