Afghanistan: We don't want the US to be in Afghanistan

Hundreds of protesters rallied against the presence of US troops in the country near the Bagram base in the Parwan Province on Tuesday, after the US air forces reportedly spread leaflets that are offensive to Muslims. Demonstrators set car tires on fire and waved placards depicting US President Donald Trump as a dog. One of the protesters said that Afghani people are “very sad and angry... Еще» after having seen the flyers. «The US has been bombarding our people and they are killing our women and children everywhere in Afghanistan,» he stated. Leaflets reportedly dropped by the US show the image of a dog, which is considered unclean under Islam, with a line from the Qu’ran that is used on the Taliban’s banners. Above the images is a sentence asking people to report the location of militants in the region. It says, «take back your freedom from the terrorist dogs and cooperate with coalition forces so they can target your enemy and eliminate them.»

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