Afghanistan: «War is not the solution here' — Locals react to Trump's policy announcement»

US President Donald Trump announced plans on Monday to «kill terrorists» in Afghanistan, in an apparent backtracking which may see more troops being sent to the country. Residents in the Afghan city of Jalalabad reacted with a mixture of skepticism and dismay to Trump's latest policy shift on Tuesday. «When they came here, we lost everything. Why send more troops over here? We know they will... Еще come just to kill us,» said one man. «I will be on the front line, I will tell them to kill me first.» Another suggested transfering US military funds to the Afghan forces. «The US could finish Islamic State and the Taliban within 24 hours in Afghanistan. They don't do it. Sending more troops to Afghanistan is not a good option. They should provide Afghan forces with tanks and aircraft to finish them in two days,» he explained. One man laid the blame squarely at the US's feet. «Anywhere where an operation was carried out, it failed. They bombed villages, our funerals, our weddings and our ceremonies,» he said.
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