Afghanistan: Vendors in Jalalabad more afraid of poverty than coronavirus amid city lockdown

Vendors in the Afghan city of Jalalabad said they worried more about poverty than the coronavirus, on Wednesday, after authorities announced a lockdown to fight the pandemic. Footage from the Nangarhar provincial capital's market shows the usually bustling streets empty and stores closed. «Our people are very poor, and they cannot afford the lockdown for a long time,» said Olfat Alokozay, a... Еще street vendor. Haleem Jan, another vendor asked the government to help poor families, saying «if the government does not help us, the coronavirus will not be killing us, but starvation will.» Authorities in Jalalabad announced all non-essential businesses would be shut down, excluding hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores, until April 1st. As of Wednesday, Afghanistan has 42 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one fatality.

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