Afghanistan: US airstrikes and IS brutality forces hundreds of IDPs to seek refuge near Jalalabad

Internally Displaced People, many of whom are young children, gathered in an unfinished university building on the outskirts of Jalalabad, after being forced to flee their homes due to fighting between the US and the so-called Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL). Some 1,500 people are reportedly gathered in the area, many of whom are from the Achin and Haska Meyna districts. In April the US... Еще conducted an airstrike on Achin, using the GBU-43/B MOAB, the largest non-nuclear ordnance in the American arsenal. The attack reportedly killed more than 90 suspected militants aligned with IS. The Haska Meyna district, as recently as July 23, suffered US airstrikes, with residents stating that the action hit a funeral ceremony, killing eight civilians and injuring ten others, including women and children. One of the refugees stated that «Islamic State groups brutally attacked civilians, Afghanistan National Army and foreign forces came to the battlefield, then the US, used the mother of all bombs in our village». Another, a child from Haska Meyna, said that the IS militants had killed his uncle and his family has fled the town, as militants have threatened to kill the family as well. An internally displaced person from the Achin district described how «everything is destroyed by shells and drone aircrafts», and that with members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State attacking the village, «now we don't have anything.» The over 21,000 lb (10-tonne) GBU-43 bomb, or 'MOAB', was dropped by a MC-130 aircraft at around 19:00 local time (14:30 GMT) on the mountainous region.
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