Afghanistan: Teen girl kills Taliban militants after parents slain

A teenage Afghan girl named Qamar Gul was hosted by Ghor’s Governor in Chagcharan on Wednesday after she had reportedly killed two Taliban militants who had executed her parents in their house in the village of Geriveh a few days earlier. Qamar Gul was seen next to her brother, Habibullah, talking to Ghor’s Governor Noor Mohammad Kohnaward. «This Afghan girl Qamar Gul and her brother Habibullah are 17 and 14 years old...she knew that her parents were killed by the Taliban, she showed bravery against the Taliban, and Qamar Gul grabbed her father’s AK-47 killing two Taliban members,» stated Noor Mohammad Kohnaward. «I am proud of myself for having killed the Taliban members who killed my father and mother. I will continue to kill the [Taliban] killers of my father and mother no matter what it takes,» said Qamar Gul. According to reports, Taliban militants stormed the village of Geriveh, purportedly trying to collect money from the residents and raiding Qamar Gul’s house. Qamar’s parents were allegedly taken outside the house and executed, before the teenage girl grabbed his father’s weapon, an AK-47, and killed two Taliban members.

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