Afghanistan: Security forces inspect damaged residential area after Jalalabad attack

Afghan security forces have inspected, in Jalalabad on Tuesday, a residential area from which Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters have shelled mortars to cover a prison attack on Monday. Security forces could be seen inspecting damaged houses as well as remnants of shelling, and collecting mortar shelling which were found in the area. According to officials, security forces shot dead another group of IS fighters on Tuesday, as they had launched a mortar attack targeting Jalalabad airport from the area. «They [IS] have prepared three rounds of mortar here, two for Jalalabad city and another one was set for Jalalabad airport,» said Governor of Behsud District, Ghalib Mujahid. According to the governor, the police and army forces along with other security forces have «eliminated their [IS fighters] positions,» and then «have advanced towards this direction.» A security forces commander, Mohammad Hosain Baloch, said that IS «had planned a very dangerous operation» after setting «three very strong mortar rounds with 250 rockets,» to start their attacks «on Jalalabad's airport, military bases and on around Jalalabad city.» A local resident named Abdul Ahad said that the IS fighters used to live in a rented house in the area, which was damaged after their attack. Afghan security forces were deployed in Jalalabad on Monday, where at least 29 people were reported to have been killed after Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters attacked a prison. The assault came a day after the Afghan intelligence agency announced special forces had killed a senior IS commander near Jalalabad.

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