Afghanistan: «Respect the religious values of Afghans!» — citizens respond to US leaflet drop

Jalalabad citizens reacted on Thursday after a series of leaflets was dropped by the US in Nangarhar Province, Tuesday, that some have interpreted as showing American disrespect to Islam. A member of the Nangarhar Provincial Council described it as «disrespecting the religion of the Afghans», adding that «these actions shouldn’t be repeated in the future». «If the saying-sorry formula is used... Еще again and again, it will not work», he said in response to an apology issued by a senior US commander on Wednesday. «They perform annoying deeds in order to test the level of national pride of Afghans», expressed a Jalalabad citizen. Another Jalalabad resident claimed that some in Afghanistan may even «start holy war against the foreigners» if such actions are repeated. Images dropped by the US show the image of a dog, superimposed with a line from the Quran which is used on Taliban banners. Above the images is a sentence asking people to report the location of militants in the region. It says: «take back your freedom from the terrorist dogs and cooperate with coalition forces so they can target your enemy and eliminate them».

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