Afghanistan: Orphans pray for deceased parents after 16 civilians killed in alleged US airstrike

Orphaned children were among those left praying in the district of Chaparhar of Nangarhar province, Friday, after some 16 civilians were killed during an alleged US airstrike in the Haska Meyna district one day prior. The civilians were believed to have been killed in an US attack targeting members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL), with Governor of Haska Mena... Еще district Saaz Wali confirming the strike. However, US forces have since denied the civilian casualties. The victims were allegedly hit when travelling in vehicles that were believed to be transporting IS members. A witness to the airstrike Mohammada Khan described the scene following the airstrike, «the area where the bombs were dropped was badly destroyed, the destruction [pit] was 15 metres (49ft) wide on the ground and 5 metres (16ft) under the ground.» He recounted how he had then watched 11 people being transported in a vehicle after the attack. «Three women, five children and two men were all killed, and one other woman was wounded, her legs were cut off», he said. In April the US conducted an airstrike on Achin, using the GBU-43/B MOAB, the largest non-nuclear ordnance in the American arsenal. The attack reportedly killed more than 90 suspected militants aligned with IS. The Haska Meyna district, as recently as July 23, suffered US airstrikes, with residents stating that the action hit a funeral ceremony, killing eight civilians and injuring ten others, including women and children.
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