Afghanistan: One killed and 17 more injured in three Kabul bombings

One person was killed and at least 17 others were injured after three explosions hit Kabul on Sunday, according to local media citing officials. One of the bombs was attached to a student bus leading to the death of a shop keeper, an eyewitness reported, and injuring a further 10 people. Two other bombs exploded on the road 20 minutes later, injuring seven more, including two journalists as well... Еще as five people from the security forces who had arrived at the site of the first bombing, local media reports. «I was sitting inside my shop when a huge explosion happened, plumes of smoke rose and nothing could be seen. After a while I saw a bus, which had been on the way to university, hit by the explosion. The bus belonged to students. My friends and I were trying to get the injured out of the bus and deliver them to the hospital,» said eyewitness Habibullah. No individuals or group have claimed responsibility for the attack.

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