Afghanistan: Life gets harder for survivors as civilian deaths hit record high

The United Nations announced that the number of Afghan civilians killed in militant attacks and bombs hit a record high in the first half of 2018. Footage from Jalalabad shows seven children who survived a mortar blast but were left disabled after losing their legs. The children's grandfather Hamisha Gul said an unexploded mortar from fighting between Taliban and Afghan forces fell down near... Еще the house on April 29. «The children were on their way to school and picked it up and played with it. 11 of the children were there when it exploded,» said Gul, adding that «four of the children were killed and seven others were injured and lost their legs in the end.» Hamza's father, who was the breadwinner for 10-person family, was killed in a suicide bomb. «I am dumb and disabled. I can’t purchase and buy some things for my house and I don’t have any younger brothers. Our future will be very much hard for me,» Hamza said before bursting into tears. According to a UN report released on Sunday, the toll of 1,692 fatalities was one percent more than a year earlier and the highest since the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) began keeping records in 2009. Another 3,430 people were wounded in the war. However, the number could be higher, Sabrina Hamidi from Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission stated, as researchers «didn’t have complete access to some areas.»

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