Afghanistan: Kabul residents react to coronavirus lockdown

Kabul residents reacted to the 21-day lockdown imposed on the city on Saturday in an effort to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak. Footage shows people walking down streets and gathering at markets despite the lockdown. «Afghan people will not dying by coronavirus but I am sure that poverty will kill them,» street vendor Halim said. «We will not die of by coronavirus but we will die of... Еще poverty. I have children, we cannot quarantine ourselves at home. I have no money,» echoed worker Mohammad Riza. «I beg people to take COVID-19 seriously,» Kabul resident Mohammad Akbar said. «If we do not take it seriously, if we do not quarantine ourselves we will not have the tools to fight against COVID-19.» «If we trust in God we will be successful. This is why I don't wear a mask or gloves,» Kabul resident Mohammad said. Afghanistan announced on Saturday that the number of coronavirus cases in the country has reached 110, with five deaths so far.

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