Afghanistan: Kabul residents react as US begins withdrawal of troops

Kabul residents reacted on Tuesday to the announcement that the US began withdrawing some troops from the country, in accordance with an agreement with the Taliban. «I think if the Americans leave Afghanistan, the situation will be better because America is the main reason behind the insecurity and war in this country,» said Abid Ibrahimi, a Kabul resident. «If the Americans leave Afghanistan... Еще, the Afghan security forces will be able to secure this country. They have to leave Afghanistan. I hope this time the Taliban come with a new policy so that we feel safe. If we think about the past, they were beating women and were against the people. If the Tailban come back with past policies then we don't need them,» said Zalmai, another resident. Under the agreement, the US contingent will be reduced to 8,600 soldiers in the next four months. The long-term plan is for Washington to remove all troops within the next 14 months if security conditions are met.

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