Afghanistan: Kabul reeling in aftermath of deadly mosque attack

Debris and broken glass was strewn across the interior of a mosque in west Kabul after a bomb explosion killed at least four people and wounded eight during Friday prayers. Footage shows Afghan security forces on-site close to Sher Shah Suri Mosque following the attack which claimed the life of the mosque's prayer leader. «An IED bomb was attached inside the mosque. In this attack an imam [Ezatullah Mufleh] was killed including several worshippers and eight others were wounded,» Afghan Minister of Interior spokesperson Tariq Arian said. «Mosques and holy places are safe from any threat and have security but the militants are still raising their attacks on imams, mosques and religious places. I am condemning this action.» «How can I have security? What is security? They are killing the imams, the religious leaders who are in the right, who have a correct understanding of Islam,» faithful Noor Ali said. «Explosives were placed inside the mosque during Friday prayers,» said a statement issued by the Interior Ministry. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. Earlier this month, two people were killed, including the mosque imam Mohammad Ayaz Niazi, and several others were wounded after an explosion hit Kabul's Wazir Akbar Khan Mosque.

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