Afghanistan: Kabul locals react as govt. start peace talks with Taliban in Qatar

As the Taliban and the Afghan government began their peace talks in Doha, Qatar on Saturday, Kabul voiced their opinions in Kabul. Wary of years of war and destruction, most were optimistic the talks would result in peace and stability in the country with many demanding US forces to leave Afghanistan. «I think everyone is tired now. God willing there will be a positive result. I think there will be a good result because, after 40 years of war, all warring parties are tired. I am optimistic there will be peace and security,» said one. Some, especially women, were afraid a government incorporating Taliban rule would diminish the hard-earned place for them. «I am not optimistic because if the Taliban make peace and if they rule in Afghanistan, there will be no education for women or young girls because one of the conditions of the Taliban is that young girls should not go to school. But women should play a role in the government and they should study,» said a female student.

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